Friday, September 13, 2013

Muslim maids abused

Well done Tony Pua for defending Muslim women who wish to wear the tudung and hitting out against employers who refuse to hire them because of religious reasons.
More politicians should take the lead and fight for things that really matter to the masses. Discrimination is one of them. It is good that a DAP leader has spoken out against such practices by employers who I am sure are Chinese. 
Not that I am biased or what but a large number of them just resent anything Malay or Islam. If they have their way they would corrupt the Muslims into eating pork as well. I am not exaggerating. Look at Indonesian Muslim women working at Chinese eateries serving pork. Not only do they serve put also help with the cutting and chopping of the pork meat. They don't give a rat's ass about their religious sensitivity. 
And at Chinese home these women are made to take their dogs for a walk and help the poor bastards ease themselves  where ever it is convenient including next to someone else's house or they playground itself. And don't forget about the weekly bath for their dogs which these poor maids too are to do.
Coming back to Pua's attack on  employers who refuse to hire tudung-clad Muslim women, the outburst echoes similar calls by other government leaders when a job seeker wrote in her face book about employers giving her the cold shoulder for wearing the tudung.
Mira Kamil, a Muslim woman who was reportedly rejected several times during her job hunt at a mall here.
Mira's story first came to light when she posted a complaint on her Facebook page on September 2, claiming she had been turned away by at least four retail stores because she wears a tudung, a headscarf worn by Muslim women for religious reasons.
The post immediately went viral and as of Tuesday had been shared by a total of 8,824 netizens on Facebook.Malay daily Harian Metro later sent one of its tudung-clad reporters out on an undercover assignment to prove Mira's claims.
On Sept 11, the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry said that the public should report any incidents of discrimination against tudung-clad women in the job hiring process.Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim, the minister heading the ministry, warned that companies that engage in such discrimination would face stern action.
Rohani also pointed to Article 8 of the Federal Constitution, which states there should be no discrimination against citizens.

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