Sunday, September 08, 2013

Concert Cancellation Silly

Many don't buy the government explanation for cancelling the Lamb of God concert. Just because the heavy metal band's name invokes religious sentiments is not enough reason for the authorities to cancel the show. The group after all is not a Christian group as the name might suggest. Besides contrary to popular belief, they are not an anti-Christian band either. 
They changed their original name, 'Burn the Priest' because of the way people interpreted their name to mean that they are a satanic band or anti-Christ. The name Lamb of God was supposed to be their maiden album when they were called “Burn the Priest” but because of the backlash back home they instead decided to adopt the name, giving up Burn the Priest.
Now the group seems to have landed in another controversy far from their home because of its new name. Back home the Christians took offence at “Burn the Priest” now the Muslims seems uncomfortable with Lamb of God!
The government made the decision to cancel their performance in Kuala Lumpur after the Islamic religious department  (Jakim) expressed reservations saying their lyrics contain verses from the. Holy Quran. So what! Just because there is some Quranic verses in their songs does it mean the Muslims who go and watch the performance are going to be offended? Besides a vast number of Muslims who go and watch such performances know very little what Quranic verses mean. They just rely on the Ulamas to interpret the meaning.
Since we are here on this topic ;et is look at the significance of the phrase Lamb of God. In the old testament, the Jews used to sacrifice pure white lamb for god. But since Catholics believe that Jesus died for the sins of mankind thus becoming the Lamb of God
Just as a lamb is the of spring of a father and mother, so Christ is called The Lamb of God because he is the literal son of God and a heavenly mother. The Lamb of God is also a name for the Savior used by John the Baptist and others (John 1:29). It has reference to Jesus being a sacrifice for thhe sins of mankind. Cf. 1 Cor. 5:7; 1 Pet. 1:19.
So since Jesus is the Lamb (son of God) he cannot be God!

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