Thursday, March 15, 2012

Putrajaya stand on UN Resolution on Sri Lanka

The Opposition is right but not all the way in urging Putrajaya to support the UN Resolution to investigate war crimes by the Sri Lankan government against Tamils civilians. DAP's Mano and his coalition members think that it is good for the Prime Minister to urge cabinet to support the UN move because as they claim there are many ethnic Tamils in the country and by support the move Barisan Nasional would gave the Indian votes in the coming elections. You see these people are true and true politicians who do not see things for what they are. They is always the political agenda! Yes BN must support the UN Resolution merely for the sake of investigating the alleged genocide perpetrated by the army backed Sinhalese dominated government.Only an idiot will still continue to believe that there the Singalese government has no other agenda but to weed out the Tamil Tigers. GO see what has happened in the North and Eastern regions where Tamils used to be the majority. Singalese were less the 1 per cent in these regions. Now after the war suddenly Sinhalese population has increased to 40 to 50 per cent. Tamil properties are just be hijacked by government aided exodus of Singalese into these regions. Nearly all Tamils in these regions used to own properties but not anymore. Each family used to have at least 400gm of gold sovereign but today they are being hurdled into camps and barracks. The Sinhalese governmenr is lobbying UN member countries not to support the resolution as they claim it is their internal problems. Can u beat it, internal problems. The Sinhalese government agenda is to reduce Tamil population either by ethnic cleansing or diluting the Tamil dominated areas by government sponsored exodus of Sinhalese. They have done both.

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