Friday, March 30, 2012

News Blackout

News Blackout

The Malay Mail lost an opportunity a few days ago to go to town with a story on Indian newspaper vendors dumping 20,000 copies at Star headquarters because Star refused to pull back its subscription campaign scheduled for April,

Headlines could have read: "Vendors dump Star" or some other punchy headlines which nobody doubts they are capable of.

They send photographers to Menara Star to take photos of some 40 vendors who wanted to hand over a memorandum asking Star not to go ahead with its planned campaign.

The vendors were worried as this would essentially eat into their business as most of them who are receiving copies of the Star from these vendors might go for subscription instead.

After failing to see Ho Kay Tat they handed over the memo to one of the circulation big wigs and dispersed.

Why Malay Mail declined to use the story may be answered by looking at the present set of newbies at the stable after its editor in chief Yushaimi was kicked up stairs.They are from the Sun and Ho was once heading Sun. Put two and two and your guess will be as good as mine.


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