Wednesday, September 28, 2011

save planet earth

hi guys have u noticed the quality of air around Bandar Baru Ampang the past two days has deteriorated and many people are falling sick. The reason - tons of giant joss sticks and joss papers are ceremoniously being burnt in conjunction with a decades old Taoist festival in Pekan Cina around Bandar Baru Ampang. It started two days ago and is expected to last several more days. More burnings are yet to come so be armed with masks if u decide to come around this area. Besides the millions of joss sticks there are also crates and crates of prayer papers being brunt by devotees. I joined hundreds of people to see the fanfare but turned back several minutes later as the air was beyond breathing. There were some idiots there,among the crowd, not sure where devotees or visitors carrying babies to see the noisy festival.

And the next day, there is still more burning at the fringes of a hemo-dialysis centre said to be run by one MCA ousted president. Lorries are seen unloading leftover joss sticks and piles of rubbish left being by the marauding crowd.

Why is the government allowing all these pagans to get away with polluting the environment. In Singapore, which is predominantly Chinese the burning of giant joss sticks has been outlawed. And the Chinese there tow the line. Here in an Islamic nation the Chinese are allowed to get away with polluting the planet in the name of religious freedom?

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